Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My oh, my!

Months of crazy have preceeded this adorable picture and the beautiful baby it displays. We have had many sleepless nights, lots of spit up, sickness, an upset green eyed four year old and countless arguments about homework and cleaning bathrooms. But I have also had time to hold and kiss my baby, bounce her to calm down, snuggle with her to nap and bribery for the four year old that may or may not work, and homework usually gets done and the older kids are learning responsibility, right?. All in all it has been a great time. I do love being at home with these little munchkins.

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The Child Family said...

YEAH you finally updated!!!! Oh she is such a doll- love that hat
I can't beleive Griff is 4- when you mention the 4 year old i thought your were talking about Boston, but then I realized, no, no, Boston WAS 4... 3 years ago :)
I hope things are going well. How's Boise? How are things?